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Welcome to our website. I’m Scott Smith. My wife, Lisa, and I are the owners and operators of Services Unlimited Carpet Cleaning.

Services Unlimited has provided professional carpet and upholstery cleaning (and more) to families in the Huntsville area since 1978. Lisa and I started cleaning homes professionally in 1983. We bought Services Unlimited in 2004 and moved from Indiana to clean in a more weather-friendly state.

We have enjoyed the move and have enjoyed servicing many clients in Huntsville and the surrounding communities. We want to be there in your time of need and will do everything we can to accommodate you.

When you call us for your FREE estimate at 256-964-9443, I will do my best to explain things in great detail so that you will better understand what is happening with your carpet.

Top 10 reasons to use Services Unlimited Carpet Cleaning

(…and why you’ll love us!)

1. You will always get what you expect

Not all spots can be removed from your carpet (just like not all stains come out of your clothes).

Even though some of our clients have told us we’re “miracle workers” or must have some special or secret cleaners, the truth is that we perform every cleaning service properly according to industry-approved specifications – and every cleaning job is completed by trained, competent professionals who are capable of removing anything that can be removed.

2. You’ll have an exact appointment time

At Services Unlimited Carpet Cleaning, you’ll never hear “We’ll be there some time between twelve and five.” 

We know you have a busy life and respect your time. That’s why we’ll give you an appointment time you can set your watch by, and if for some unusual reason we are going to be late, we’ll call ahead to let you know.

Ready for your FREE estimate? Call us at 256-964-9443

3. You’ll receive a prompt response

Because we have earned the reputation for quality service that’s second to none…frankly, we’re busy. Every single client is very important to us.

When you call, you can expect a quick response, and expect that your service will typically be scheduled within one week.

4. We answer the phone live…and late

We realize that emergencies happen, so we answer our phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

If you have an emergency need, feel free to call us absolutely any time at 256-964-9443.

If it’s not an emergency, we appreciate calls between 8:00am and 8:00pm.

Ready for your FREE estimate? Call us at 256-964-9443

5. Honest pricing

At Services Unlimited there are no sales gimmicks and no hidden costs. EVER.

We will always do our best to give you a fair and reasonable estimate for regular and normal cleaning. If there is ever a reason for the price to be more than what we quoted you, we will bring that to your attention and explain everything completely in advance so you can understand the choices you have.

6. We’re expert, professional cleaners with decades of experience

Services Unlimited Carpet Cleaning is more than four decades old. Lisa and I have been personally cleaning professionally since 1984.

Because of our experience and ongoing education, we can look at many spots and stains and tell you what you can expect the carpet to look like when we are finished.

Ready for your FREE estimate? Call us at 256-964-9443

7. We don’t “cut” corners…we clean them

We take all the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly.

If you have ever used a carpet cleaning company that rushed in and out in 15 minutes, you will be surprised to see how long it actually takes to do the job properly – and thrilled with the results.

8. You’ll enjoy a fast drying time

Your carpets will normally be completely dry between 6 to 8 hours so you can get back on with your normal routine.

If you choose to protect your carpet investment with Carpet Protector, the drying time will be extended by a couple of hours. The benefits are well worth the wait!

Ready for your FREE estimate? Call us at 256-964-9443

9. You’ll receive the most thorough cleaning ever…satisfaction guaranteed

We truly want you to be happy and satisfied with our work because we want you to be a customer for life.

While we are cleaning, watch what we are doing and the care we take to clean your carpet as thoroughly as possible. We will go over your walk areas several times to get them as clean as possible and will use several different spot cleaners to do everything that we can to get those difficult spots completely out.

We’re not satisfied until you are!

10. You are important to us

We are not a large company and do not want to become one, so every client gets our utmost attention.

We want to service your needs throughout your lifetime. Once you become our client, we will do everything we can to please you and make your experience with us both enjoyable and satisfying.

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